If you’re starting or growing a business, you know you need effective business branding. The first step to creating a memorable brand is understanding what a brand is and why it’s important. Too many entrepreneurs mistakenly see a brand and a logo as the same thing. While a logo is part of a successful brand, the real purpose of branding is to get your target market to see you as their go-to solution provider. So, while your logo is the image you use to familiarize your ideal clients with your company, a brand is what you stand for and what problem your business solves. Follow these five steps to create strong business branding.

Get clear on who your company serves, what problem it solves, and how your company delivers its product or service delivery. You can’t build your brand unless you are crystal clear on what your brand is in the first place.

Tell a powerful business story. Buyers love to hear the story behind how and why you created the business you’re running. Sharing that story becomes part of your branding and identity. It also makes your clients feel like they have an inside edge.

Underpromise and overdeliver all the time. When your clients consistently get a greater perceived value than they bargained for, they immediately associate your brand with value. Trust me – having a brand identity that reads best value is much better than having one that reads cheapest.

Create a collection of testimonials and brand ambassadors. Satisfied clients singing your praises does more than build your branding and reputation than your bragging about yourself. It creates a buzz around your branding that rings true to future and potential clients because of its candor.

Own your name and your company name everywhere. It’s nearly impossible in this digital age not to tie the founder and company together, so make sure you own all your online and social media real estate and that your brand message is clear, compelling, and cohesive everywhere.

For your business to have longevity, you must create a brand, not sell a single product. Follow these five steps to build a strong, cohesive brand your target market will flock to.

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