Hey, Boss lady! Have you started your business but feel as if you aren’t bringing in as many clients as you’d like? Did you know there may be a few things you are doing to actually repel clients? Don’t worry, we’ll go over it all! I will guide you on how to fix these issues. You will be attracting clients to your business in no time!


In January 2011 I left my 9-5, and like many of you, I was really excited to pursue my business full time. I was passionate and I had a plan together. I got my business cards from Vistaprint. I set up a little Wix website. I posted on social media, told friends and family that I’m open for bookings. I had a blog, I tried Facebook ads. But the thing was it was like I was running on a treadmill and not getting anywhere. I wasn’t getting the results I needed. I was not attracting dream clients. Matter of fact, I was making less than $200 a month. No one can live on $200 a month. I was really struggling to find clients and when I did get clients, they were saying it was expensive. 


Do you ever experience that? Do you either give out discounts or have potential clients say you’re too expensive? That’s where I was. I got very discouraged. I almost wanted to give up. But it wasn’t until I had my first child in December 2011 when I knew I was at a crossroad. It was either I would have to go back to the 9-5 or I would have to make this business work. I really didn’t want to go back to a 9-5. I wanted to spend precious moments with my child. I love the flexibility of working from home. 


So what did I do? I was learning about investing during that time and I was learning about what coaches were. I decided to make a brave decision and I invested in a business coach for myself. Within 30 days of having a coach, I was able to transform my business. I increased my sales by 1200%. I was now attracting dream clients, so much so to the point that my friends and family were asking me what I was doing to get so many clients. I thought about it for a moment. I wasn’t really doing a lot. I was just providing value and putting myself out there and clients would just come to me. So I had to take a step back and really analyze and see what it was that I was doing.


I’m going to share with you 6 Reasons You’re Not Getting Clients And What To Do About It.


  1. Marketing to the Wrong Crowd

What you have to offer is what your market desires, needs; it has to align. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is. It doesn’t even matter how amazing your services are, and it doesn’t matter how great your sales are. If you’re pitching it to the wrong person, you’re barely going to get clients. You’re just not going to have a sustainable business. So, how do you know if you’re doing this? If you’ve pitched your service in a facebook group or to a few people, and heard crickets, or maybe you just get a straight-up, “no, I don’t want that,” then you’re pitching to the wrong type of person.  

Do the work to get to know your niche.


You have probably heard the phrase “riches are in the niches.” It’s kind of true. You really want to know who exactly you’re trying to market to in order to attract them. For example, if you’re a health coach for busy mompreneurs, instead of putting out a general post on facebook, like, “I’m going to help you lose weight, just get on a discovery call with me.” You’re probably not going to hear anything. However, if you’re more specific and you speak directly to who you’re marketing to, like, “Hey, busy mompreneurs are you just so busy managing your business, trying to take care of your babies, and your health is just getting put on the back burner? You’re tired of that because you want to be in the best shape again and you want to feel good. If you want to have energy again, contact me for a discovery call. I want to help you get there.”


Do you see the difference in that?


Now you’re not general, you’re not just talking to everybody. You’re more specific. Those mompreneurs who see that post will resonate immediately and come to you. They’re going to say, “Oh yes, let me book a discovery call with you.” So just really take the time to figure out who your niche is, who it is you really want to work with the most, and who your service best helps.


Once you figure out who your niche is, get in front of them. Go where they are! For example, join groups on Facebook where your target market hangs out. You need to do the research to find out where your target market hangs out, both online and offline. 


  1. Not Being Clear


This is another thing that will repel clients if they don’t understand what you’re doing for them. If they don’t know what you’re going to do for them, they’re not going to buy from you while confused. Are you being clear in your messaging and branding? There is a rule of thumb when you write your copy and your content, the posts that you put on in groups or on your Facebook page. When you write, is it really simple? Write like you would for a fourth-grader. If you’re using these fancy big words and all these fancy terminologies, it’s just not going to help. If someone has to sit there and take the time to try and understand what you’re trying to say, they will move on to the next post.


  1. Not Featuring Your Benefits


I’ve even made the mistake of just getting into the features of a program or of my service, saying, “You’re going to get this, you’re going to get that.” I skip over the benefits. That’s what people care most about. People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you’re doing it. People need to know the benefits and that’s how they’re going to understand the value of what they’re getting. You’ll start to see a lot of new clients by changing the way you feature your benefits. Remember to focus on your target market.


  1. They Don’t Know Who You Are


You get on Facebook and you’re pitching your service or you say, “Hire me for this or buy this.” Note: People are not going to buy from you if they don’t know, like, and trust you. The way that you’re going to build that know, like, and trust factor with your dream clients is by putting yourself out there, by sharing your story. Tell people your story so people can understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. You want people to connect with you. Build those relationships. Be consistent in posting on social media. 


Best of all, you need to have a picture of yourself as your profile picture. I had one person come to me and they were saying, “Jojo, I’ve been struggling to find clients for the past three months. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. No one’s coming. I’m putting out my services but no one’s coming.” The funny thing was that she had a picture and in that profile picture, it was dark. She looked angry, she looked scary. I gently told her to change her profile picture to one where it is brighter and she is smiling. She took my advice and she did it. Within 24 hours, she booked two new clients. That was the only thing holding her up.


Again, this is all part of building that know, like, and trust factor. Have a picture of yourself, share pictures of yourself, share bits and parts of yourself on Facebook. Share your story. When you do this, your ideal clients will like you and already want to buy from you. When you get on that call with them to have your sales pitch, it’s easy because they already get on that call wanting to buy from you. Do this if you know you have been struggling with putting yourself out there.


  1. Don’t Be Too Salesy


Are you guilty of this? It’s okay because I started off that way too. All I posted were posts saying “booking now” or “I have a special.” Here is a rule of thumb that will change the way you post. 80% value, 20% sales. When you’re in a group or on your own business page, you have to give value. It’s all about building relationships. Get into groups with the mindset of “Who can I help today? What new person can I meet today?” Don’t go into groups or on your social media posts thinking, “Who can I hire today? How much money do they have?” Have the mindset of who you can help today, who you connect with, and what relationships you can build.


I’m not saying that you should never promote your specials or service. You should just do so 20% of the time and focus on providing value the other 80% of the time. 


  1. Stay Consistent


You’re not being consistent if you spent a whole week putting out social media posts and going live and you disappear for a month. Your audience is going to see the inconsistency and no one wants to really work with someone who’s not consistent. So be consistent with whatever you choose to do. If you decide to post on social media three times a week, be consistent with that.


I know sometimes if you’re not seeing the results, maybe after a day or two, you may feel a little discouraged. Honestly, you have to be consistent because you need to keep hammering away at your goal! Sometimes we’re hammering away at our goals and we just give up because we’re not seeing results. We just give up and we turn away. Right when you want to give up, things can happen for you! You have got to push through. You have got to be consistent. Don’t give up on yourself!


So, there you have it – the top ways you can start to attract clients to your business. I guarantee you, if you change these things in your business, you are going to see a change. You need clients in order to have a sustainable income and a sustainable business. You’re ambitious and you probably just need a strategy and the support to help you going forward with your business and attracting clients. 

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I hope you’ve learned some new tips to help you start attracting new clients immediately! Comment your favorite tip below!