Being a wife, mom, teacher, and small business owner is more than a full-time job. It’s four full-time jobs. While each of those jobs is rewarding in and of itself, balancing all four is impossible without some serious attention to detail and time management for mom business owners. Keep reading for six tips to keep you on schedule and your sanity in check.

Create A Schedule
Creating a color-coded schedule for each entity is a smart way to make sure everything gets done and nothing overlaps.

Hire A Mother’s Helper
A high school or college student who helps corral the kids outside of homeschool hours can be a Godsend. They can keep your children entertained or even help with meal prep while you make phone calls in quiet or put the finishing touches on important projects.

Capitalize On Children’s Nap Time And Bedtime
Morning or afternoon naps can provide you with quiet work time or even your own power nap to energize you for the rest of the day. Also try establishing firm bedtimes so you have evenings in your office or time to unwind and create a to-do list for the next day.

Hire A Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant can help balance your workload without intruding on your space or impeding on your family time. A quick Google search will provide a ton of leads, but be sure to check with peers and other small business owners for recommendations.

Schedule Client Calls
Schedule client and conference calls for naptimes or hours when the Mother’s Helper is there to relieve you. Be sure to make those professional calls in a quiet room with a door that closes.

Ask God to help you. Period. There’s no need too large or too trivial for God to intervene on your behalf. Prayer also has the added benefit of keeping you focused and grateful.  Having God’s grace truly makes a world of a difference!

Time management for mom business owners can help you stay on task. It also makes sure all the people who depend on you – from your spouse to your children to your clients – get the time and attention they need.

What is something you do to help manage your time as a mother and business owner?

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